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Kamen Rider Decade Episode 17

Okay. Let see if I really understand what's going on in this episode. This is probably jumbled around a lot, but then this is not intended to be an accurate summary. Spoilers abound.

So, yeah, according to Mayu, Sou is her brother. But I (and probably most other people) think differently. (That creepy calling act doesn't fool me (even without the worm (guess he got a name, since he seems high-leveled) form showing), but maybe she's confused after her experience, and hey, he looks just like her brother!)

Natsumi backing away as Mayu is about to be killed? I wonder what's up with that scene. Natsumi isn't someone who would be afraid at this type of thing (I thought she beat up a worm in the first episode?), and at any rate she doesn't seem like someone who doesn't care. So, well, maybe I have too much blind faith, but I don't think it's a simple cowardice here, even though I currently have no explanation I like for it.

No surprise at all as to who Kabuto is. But I find that Sou's actor is better at playing a maniac. As a nice guy, he's a bit boring. (Well, and he's not Tendou. Not that I want him to be Tendou, of course.) Or maybe he got typecasted in my mind, which was just a little unfortunate. But I do like Souji for who he is, as his own character, and I try to forget that he's supposed to be Tendou's counterpart (though they both love their sisters to the point that they would sacrifice their lives to keep their sisters safe).

And I forgot to say anything about Arata last time. Don't think I've seen his actor in anything else, but I like what I see of him here. Anyway, he's not Kagami. I really don't find much resemblance between them, other than being someone who mostly tries to follow authority and gets beat up when he doesn't. To me, this Arata is a lot more serious and doesn't seem as naive and trusting as Kagami. Gatack is totally cool, too. He really gives Diend trouble, and forces him to retreat (last episode. Speaking of which, I wonder what they (Toei...and seemed other companies, too) were thinking, filming that scene in a huge sewer...even though it doesn't seem like it in that view). In any case, it's sad that while he's a perfectly fine character, I probably won't remember much of this Arata (other than a D-BOY plays him), unlike Kagami, who kind of annoys me (and probably Tendou) at times with him being a crybaby.

Oh...Nago-san. Reduced to be Diend's henchman. (Not sure if his voice is prior recording or Keisuke Kato came in to record it for the episode.) Engrish inside Ixa's helmet/sideview thing should make my head spin, but I think I've become too tolerant because when I saw the phrase, I was like...that's not too bad.

(Incidentally (because I usually pay like zero attention to next episode previews), I just watched those side Kiva stuff (net movie & adventure dvd) a few days ago but currently don't know what to say about them.)

Been too long since Faiz, but Psyga's English seems funny if his actor is supposed to be able to speak English fluently. Worse, I can't tell if it's actually the original actor.

So, anyway, why the summoned riders talk all of the sudden? I still don't think they are the real riders, but perhaps copies? With the originals' thoughts and feelings? apparently Kabuto is stuck in clock-up world and wouldn't be able to stay in the normal world. Or he's dead. (The tower and the clock-down thing would probably make a lot more sense when I watch the episode with subs.) Either way, I like that ending. I didn't exactly predict this, but I couldn't quite foresee happily ever after for this family in AU world. (Not to mention there is only one Tendou for me, so I prefer the alternate one to not be around.)

Oh, and I think Granma is too cool for words.

Yes, I like this episode. A lot.

(Enough that would make me re-watch this time and again other than just finish up Hibiki already. Almost a month and I only got one more episode and the movie in? I make no progress. At this snail rate, I won't be in time for the last Decade world hop.)

And last time I said I might be able to skip around Decade episodes. Yes, it's possible, and I still believe that, but in reality, though, I would never do that. Someone as spoiler-phobic as I am would not willingly spoil myself (like, I'll almost always assume spoilers under cut and mostly will not read until I've seen the thing. Most of the time, though, I do remember to return (I think it's more like I never miss any post, but well--that might be overconfidence speaking)).
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