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KR Decade fic: Different World, Different Path.

Title: Different World, Different Path
Fandom: Kamen Rider Decade
Spoilers: Mostly on episode 17, but also 16 and some earlier episodes.
What it is: Selective events of episode 17 (and some reflecting) told from the main character's point of view. Written in first person.
Disclaimer: I own no one. Most of this isn't even my idea, but from the series itself. I won't ever dream of making money of this work.

Different World, Different Path
by sennetari


A worm, is she?

Does her brother know? And, no, it's not that ZECT rider, despite what she says. That one has no hesitation in attacking her. I'll say even if he has lost his memory, as Yuusuke suggests, some part of him should have still remembered to protect her.


I don't know why I let them go alone, with Natsumikan usually being a target of bad guys. It's irresponsible of me, I know.

I still get hung up on the fact that Mayu's brother is not her brother, mostly. And how everything is supposed to fit together. I'm almost sure that the head bad guy is Mayu's supposed brother, who is wearing his face but is probably a worm. And can't manage to be even a quarter of a man of the man he's trying to mimic, if I might say so.

But letting them go alone turns out to be the right decision. Mayu changes into a worm and kills the one holding her. We wouldn't have known she is one otherwise.


She is a worm. She has to be defeated. That is the way this world works.

Yes, I'm saying all those things, but I know her grandmother is right. If my own sister (assuming I really do have one) turns out to be the enemy...

I'll do the same for her as Mayu's brother does for Mayu. The world can end, for all I care. After all, I'm the destroyer, right?

Agh, forget that! I don't have a sister that I know of, so I'm helping Mayu. She's the only person who recognizes my true talents, after all. (Honestly, I suspect that she might just superimpose her brother's image onto me. But to be looked up to like that, regardless of the reason, is a grand experience, among other things.)


When was the last time I rode a bike?

It isn't that I don't like riding. But then it's just a mode of transportation. Look at Kaitou. He doesn't need one.

That said, I like my bike. Calling myself a kamen rider, but not riding a bike seems a little hypocritical. I suppose I'm only trying to fit in. After all, some roles I have don't seem to allow bikes. But then I always go back to dressing like myself. So I don't have an answer. And maybe I shouldn't care whether I ride a bike often enough to be called a kamen rider.

I'm riding now because it's far. And I need to reach there very quick to rescue Mayu. It is most likely that Kabuto would get there before me. But maybe that's not a good idea, if the clock-down thing is a success, because the worm would have powerless Kabuto in its grasping trap.


So it is true. The worm mimics Mayu's brother. Who is Kabuto. That has to be some time ago. Enough time for Otogiri to establish an identity and climb up on top of ZECT. Because there cannot be the real Otogiri around (unless Kabuto has a secret dark twin). Can worms mess with human's memories? Probably the wrong world for that.


That guy, Arata, seems hesitant in attacking Kabuto. It's good to see someone in ZECT with some actual braincells (as opposed to ZECT members being worms or mindless drones). Too bad he's totally unprepared against a power crazed worm. That's probably his only unwise move. But I like that, a guy who leads with his heart. Speaking of whom, there is someone like that traveling with me right now. Perhaps it might be my biggest mistake to let him tag along. And perhaps I might be dead already if not for him watching my back.

(Natsumikan and her grandfather I can do without. But I don't mind them being around, even if they are useless, and in case of Natsumikan, a liability in some worlds (what is it about her that makes people want to take advantage of her? On such occasion, it's amusing seeing her trying to dig her way deeper into the hole, I must say). It's not like I could even send them back to their own world--the photo studio actually dimension drifts.)


Obaa-chan knows everything, doesn't she? Somehow I'm not surprised. She is just that amazing. (Even though I still don't want my hard work thrown away. There is really no need for that.) Family is always together, huh, even if some of them are not physically there? I shouldn't envy them, but I think I do.


Kabuto is out of Kaitou's reach now. And now Kaitou shows up to plague me in the studio. This time, I am prepared. Before he can say stuff about sea cucumber, I give him a treasured spice. It's pepper. I bet he knows it, too, but my story telling is too awesome for him to resist. Maybe Kaitou is an okay guy, after all. He helped me out when those stupid guys let me down (just let me get my hands on them again...). (Yes, he says otherwise...but we kind of have that habit, he and I. Not that I think we are the same, exactly.)

Hmm. Not looking forward to being called a devil again in the next world. That guy, what the hell does he want anyway, blackening my name all over like this? I like being famous, but I could do without this kind of notoriety. It takes at least twice as long for the local rider(s) to trust me.


Author's End Note: This is (mostly) to make up for the fact that I never mentioned his name even once in my posts on episodes 16 & 17. Guess his name is still not mentioned here...but a little improvement, perhaps, on my neglecting him.

This is the first time I try something like this. I don't think I portray him very realistically here. (Seems too nice, for instance, but I suppose I can't properly write someone so vastly different from me.) But I always welcome critique, comment, correction of mistakes, or any kind of feedback. In any case, thank you for reading. :)
Tags: fanfic, kamen rider decade, one shot, short fic
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