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[Anime] Kuroshitsuji (Black Butler) Episode 1

Randomly (because I share computer and it is just there), I start watching this (YMMV) creepy Victorian anime, and wonder if I should continue...

So there is this anti-social 12-13 year old kid, who covers his right eye with an eye patch and has a butler who says he's a demon (I guess he probably is), who is very talented and supervises the rest of (most of the time) incompetent staff. Sounds exciting. The butler lists all the food for his young master to choose. (Me yawn now, though I want to eat the scones.) Oh, the young master also has some boring class to attend (but I don't remember seeing it shown). And he likes to throw darts around for no apparent reason. The butler catches it just fine; one of the incompetent staff is not so lucky. Throw in an appointment with a shady company owner (SCO) who thinks to lure money out of the young master, who promptly sees through the nefarious plan and has plans of his own to totally mess with SCO's mind, and I think my mind gets messed with, too. (Still, I see danger coming from miles away. SCO should have run, seeing that the kid was being creepy while playing the board game, but no, SCO is too greedy and has to have the money, even though he doesn't think much of the kid, so he was being punished for that, and for him being a shady person.)

Me don't care much for the clumsy maid who seems to be in love with (or at least crush on) the butler, although that does lead to a few amusing moments.

And there is Japanese reference right in the first episode, though I thought they might have waited for a while to show things from Japanese culture. (Well, not that I have ever seen any other Victorian anime, but I'd read one such manga a while back, and Japanese is certainly not in the first chapter.)

Either I'm getting good at guessing voice actors, or I'm just lucky. I was almost certain the young master's voice was the same as Ouran's Haruhi's (to be fair, it was the voice from when he was younger that cinched it for me). And I know I've heard the butler's voice from somewhere before. Still, I wasn't very sure where, so I went to check online. I was right about the young master's voice, and while I didn't guess the exact character, the butler's voice actor is the same as Itsuki's from the other Haruhi show (whose first season I still haven't finished and I think a new season is out already).

Not sure if I agree with the brand of justice/the kind of punishing being carried out here. While the SCO totally deserves to be roasted, who are these people to put the law into their own hands? And doing it in such a way that makes the SCO think it's all in his (twisted) mind. That supernatural undertone aside, I assume the parents are dead (it is not talked about), but I'm not sure why there are no other adult relatives to take care of the young master. Perhaps this might be addressed in future episodes, but for now, it seems like the young master is alone in reigning over his own kingdom. (He owns a large toy company, it seems.)

In short, I think this is a weird anime. I haven't read manga or spoilers, so all I know is from this first episode. Anyway, I look at the torrent progress for the second episode and it says two weeks more (and it was put in since May 17!). If I don't find another way to get the episode (and the ones after it) fast, I think I might have lost interested by the time two weeks come by. (But I'm listening to the second ED, I think?)
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