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Kamen Rider Decade Episode 30 (Spoilers)

Oh man oh man. I don't really understand this episode at all (and I even got subtitles). It's just really weird...and I thought it was just the preview that was confusing and the real episode would make more sense.

Okay, done now. Moving on to trying to put some sense in this post...

-- So this is the infamous Rider War, which I don't really care for. I don't know why I didn't have a problem with it when I first saw Natsumi's dream...or maybe that's it, I believed it was a dream and not some kind of foreshadowing.

-- That's a real low blow, Kazuma and Wataru (though I don't blame the kid all that much), saying that Tsukasa can't understand why the two of them have to fight one another since he (Tsukasa) has no world to protect.

-- Mio...ummm I suppose if I have a choice of seeing her actress in anything, I would still prefer the first rider series she was in... Still, I think this Mio is an improvement over the Mio in the original series. Too bad I can't get attached to this one because she has become rather generic for a villain. (For all the original Mio's problems, at least that one has some charms...)

-- Daiki... has learned not to be subtle about his feelings for Tsukasa anymore. :P

Seriously though, I think his character has turned out for the better. I actually didn't like Daiki back in the beginning (and said so in ep 13), but now I feel rather differently. It's kind of weird since I don't think he has that much character development (his world is rather pointless, but then I can say the same with Amazon World, which I can see some similarities). It's not like I know the exact moment for my change of heart either; it's just, Daiki is just Daiki, always up to some childish mischief, trying (and mostly failing) to steal some treasure, and during the time, telling Tsukasa not to get in his way, but putting himself in the way, helping Tsukasa and the others battling enemies of the week.

-- The worlds are colliding...and I don't much care other than Tsukasa finds his own world and the other three (Natsumi, Yuusuke, Daiki) also survive. But I'm not that optimistic; I'm afraid that someone might go...

-- I think Asumu is shown in better light than the other two alternates (Kazuma, Kid Wataru). He seems to genuinely care for his fallen comrades, when the other two, especially Kazuma, seem more angry that they have less hands to help with the war.

-- And...I'm strangely not very excited at seeing Kenzaki. I don't know. He seems too much different from the character I know and love. True, this is Kamen Rider Decade, not Kamen Rider Blade, but still...I think he's supposed to be the original Kenzaki, and I feel like he's someone else with the same face (and not even really the same voice). Or maybe I'm really mistaken and this Kenzaki is someone else after all. Either way, it's still nice to see his actor back.

-- Narutaki has done a complete turned around. It makes for a nice change, but I'm confused as to why...

-- So who is the true enemy? At least Kenzaki (whoever he turns out to be) is still around, so maybe he might explain more in the next episode...or so I can hope.

Speaking of answers, I really do hope that the all riders movie provides some kind of answers, and since I don't go look for spoilers, that means a long wait. And supposedly there is another movie (team-up with the new rider) in December, and that's another long wait if it's going to be in theater first. I think for my peace of mind, I won't speculate any more (at least, not seriously trying to guess the outcome, which I probably don't even come close to anyway) and just try to enjoy the rest of the series, which is exactly one episode left.
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