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Whoa, timewaster stuff I do in the middle of the night

Lately, I kind of feel like my journal lacks organization. I don't know, maybe it's the layout (too light?), but it's really not that easy to navigate (seems like I leave some of my visitors hopelessly confused). It probably doesn't help that I never really named anything in the same way. I suppose I'm constant only through the use of tags. (If I talk about something more than a few lines, I probably would have tagged it.)

Anyway, I think I'll start with my out of date post listing tokusatsu actors' blogs from two and a half years ago. Seems like during that time, actors moved their blogs all over the place and half of the links there probably lead to nowhere (or nowhere near where they write their posts). Me not currently following blogs (no time) makes it more difficult to keep track. Anyway, I don't claim to be comprehensive or anything (there are probably better listings elsewhere; I just don't know where). This is very much a work in progress and would never be finished, I suppose, but hopefully I'll at least get to all the toku series I've seen, some day.

Tokusatsu Actors' Blogs
Tags: blogs, lj, tokusatsu
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