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Kamen Rider Double Episode 1 (Spoilers)

So, finally, I watched the first episode of the newest rider series, without understanding much of what's going on in it. Umm...really don't know what to think at this point. I don't feel like it's even Kamen Rider for the most part.

Anyway...the transformation is a bit different from what I thought it would be, and that's good because I imagined worse. There are still two of them in one body, but at least it seems Shotaro has a little more control...or so it seems from this episode.

The town they are in sort of reminds me of some detective anime (not Detective Conan), where their town is not overly futuristic, but doesn't really seem like modern day Japan either. (Or maybe Double is not set in Japan? But then that would not explain (almost) all the Japanese names and language. I guess I'm just not very familiar with not exactly real-world setting since maybe this kind of thing is very common in anime.) I did first compare it to UltraSeven X setting, but on second thought, they are not really that similar.

I may need to at least re-watch the very first part (preferably when I'm more familiar with the characters, or when it gets subbed, hopefully soon). For obvious reasons (that would be me being terrible at matching faces and names or even remembering them at all), I always am not very fond of first scene(s)/introduction of series I don't yet know being at night.

So human can choose to become monster by inserting some kind of chip called 'Gaia memory' or something? Don't know what good that will do, though, since I assume the missing human in this episode probably doesn't survive. (And if Double hadn't taken him out first, what exactly is this guy's purpose for wanting to turn into something non-human?)

It's surely only me, but the girl reminds me of Shizuka from Kiva (not a serious spoiler, but means nothing if you don't watch KR Kiva). Not so much in looks as much as her attitude--always nagging at the main character, as though she is his boss (or his mother). And that doesn't really bode well because I find this type of character rather annoying.

In any case, I have mixed feelings. There are some parts I enjoy, but so far nothing really makes impression on me. I don't really get a feel of which way this series is going either (maybe it's too early to tell anyway), and I'm not yet very comfortable with the characters. But since this episode ends in a sort of cliffhanger (which would probably be resolved in like 5 seconds at the beginning of next episode), I would continue following it for now...

(I haven't really read other comments on the show, to not let my impression be colored, so maybe I'm displaying my ignorance here...)
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