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Short notes on Kamen Double Episode 2 (some spoilers)

I somehow like this series much better now that I become a little more familiar with the setting and the story. The OP is growing on me as well (the visages are most cool), but I get the feeling that I would love the full version of the song even more.

Still don't care for the girl (unlike Shizuka, Akiko is not even funny to me), and her catchphrase really has to go. But I'll refrain from complaining further about her as long as they don't hinge any serious plot point on her (which I sincerely hope not).

T-rex's identity didn't exactly surprise me. It was more like I simply didn't want to think of this character as T-rex Dopant. That probably very much has to do with the actor playing a good guy in another show I saw.

Confused, though, whether the girl has managed to figure out Shou and Phillip (no, I can't see the official spelling of his name in episode 1, no matter how many times I try to look), or all the debris are hiding the transformation. And I was hoping they would want to keep W a secret for a while, seeing that they tell her practically nothing else. Man, I really miss toku heroes who feel the necessity of hiding their secret identities...

I didn't get what language Shoutarou was typing at the end of episode at first, and thought, ha, I was right that this was not Japan. But on second look, he was typing Japanese, just using English alphabets. I think Shou was saying 'I'll do something for this city' or something to that effect, and I find it a little cute that Phillip piped up that Shou meant 'we' (he and Phillip) (will do something) not just 'I', and so Shou changed what he typed to 'we'. :)
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