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Shorty & Beanstalk

Just to see what may come up, I typed in "Mizushima Hiro" in the livejournal interest search box.  There are three communities associated with his name.  One I expected (a Kabuto related comm), the other one I haven't yet checked out, and the last one I clicked on because I was very nosy.  The community is called love_com and it is about a shoujo manga called Lovely Complex.  As I looked around, I found that Mizushima was in a live-action movie version of this shoujo manga.  Most curious, I downloaded the movie with subtitles.  

Having finished watching the movie, I didn't quite know how to rate it.  On one hand, it was fast-paced and mostly very funny.  On the other hand, some of the actions seemed too much exaggerated, particularly those from the heroine, Risa. 

Mizushima seemed to get typecasted a bit.  This is the second time I saw him as a friend of a shoujo manga hero.  (Wonder if he likes shoujo manga?)  Anyway, he played Otani's friend, Suzuki.  He was quite funny with the limited screen time he had (particularly with the nosebleeding scenes), but he was much more tame in this movie than he was in Hatsukare.  And he looked quite geeky wearing glasses.  (As a side note, I love to see my favorite toku actors wearing glasses.)
Teppei Koike was quite amazing as Otani.  He really nailed the clueless guy act perfectly.  I would probably check out more of his work.

The other friends were also fine in their roles.  However, apart from the beginning, I really didn't see much focus on them, so none of them really stood out in my mind.

I haven't read the manga, so I'm not quite sure if all those extra commentaries that seemed to break the fourth wall also exist in the original.  They were mostly okay, although I thought some of them weren't too appropriated for a movie based on a shoujo manga.

Anyway, this movie was a satisfying way for me to spend my one and a half hour.  Otani (Shorty) and Risa (Beanstalk) went from fighting with each other to being friends.  The situations got awkward when Risa realized she loved Otani and confessed to him.  He thought she was joking and said so, hurting her feelings in the process.  By some weird chance, he finally found out the truth and told her he would need some time to think about his answer.  The situations then got even weirder when Maitake-sensei entered the picture.  I never doubted that there would be a happy ending for the protagonists, but the way this movie took to get there was quite exciting.  

On a totally unrelated note, I hope to post Mebius Volume 8 DVD review tomorrow.

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