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Dekaranger Episodes and Movies (Spoilers)

Just so I don't completely forget: comments (sometimes barely) on the episodes and movies, in order I watched. I suspect most of these probably make sense only to me, though.

1-2: Intro, Ban, Ban first calling Hoji "Partner"

3-4: Hoji being perfect(?)

5: Umeko training Murphy (it's his debut).

6: Sen-chan and the female alien whose sister is killed.

7-8: Jasmine trying to make friend (??) with a special power (teleporting) kid.

9-10: Ban trying to woo an alien lady who has mean boyfriend.

11: Hoji with his old (best?) friend (what? this guy got a friend like normal people?)

12: Umeko trying to care for a little alien baby.

13: Boss being cool.

14: Boss being mean.

15-16: Sen-chan befriending an andriod girl.

17: Twin cam angel's debut. :) And just for the record, I've always enjoyed drunk scenes, even if starring my unfavorite character(s) (not saying that is the case here, however). Also, a character pretending to be another character is always hilarious (yes, even if they can copy exactly).

18: Ban (and the rest) with his ancestor's alien friend(?)

19: Fake Hoji.

20: Run, Ban, run!

21: Jasmine's deal with an evil alien lady.

22: DekaBreak's debut.

23: DekaBreak won over with a silly sentiment ('justice will always win' or some such. I agree with Tetsu; it's an embarrassing thing to say).

24: DekaBreak gets kidnapped by a good(?) alien who talks in reverse. Umeko and Tetsu does seem to make good combi, imho.

25: Sen-chan and the doctor grandma. (And someone gets possessed. It's too obvious who, though.)

26: Hoji boxing (what can't this guy do???) And Tetsu looking pretty (special talent of the special branch, I wonder?)

27: Jasmine and the good alien thief teaming up to catch the bad alien thief.

28: Tetsu and the alien who killed his parents. Also, the copycat alien who admires that alien.

29: Tetsu suffering the fate worse than death.

30: Ban helping a female alien in distress. Not that this one didn't bring it onto herself.

Movie: Essentially the same as above. The only difference is I want back most of my time spent watching this one. (I don't care if it's canon later (because aren't sentai movies supposed to be AU?), and looks like it might be since so far no one else would work.) I'm sad that the best part of this movie for me is at the very end and the ED.

31: Ummmm....Umeko trying to masquerade as a princess. I said somewhere above that character mimicking another character is always hilarious, and this episode does not disappoint at all.

32: The main five go training for S.W.A.T. in order to counter strong muscle suit of an alienizer.

33: Ban sees the error(?) of his way.

34: Sen and a thieving alien kid who gets caught in a life and dead game played by rich bored spoil-rotten kids of the universe.

35: Jasmine and a detective who calls Boss 'Rookie'.

36: Swan-san leaves to receive her award, and the rest (trying to) cope with not having her around.

37: Hoji's love story. (What's with this guy and his unbelievable plotlines???? And for at least two of those unbelievable stories we (or at least I) never heard anything further coming out of them (at the time I was writing this I was only up to episode 38, so maybe I'm not being fair). Make up your minds, writers. Are you going to develop him or not? If you are going to, make a lasting consequence and not write a filler just because Hoji is the (type of) character who is 'best suit' for the type of story you want to tell.)

38: Ban helping a female alien in distress. (Which is like for, what, the fourth time already? Also, someone sure loves to see Ban struggling to go fast from place to place without the help of his Deka suit.)

39: Umeko's nightmares. Also, twin cam angel action. :) (The guys' reactions are priceless, now that they are actually up and about this time around.) Umm...and turns out I still don't understand Jasmine's ESPer related power...

40: Tetsu's chief comes to take Tetsu back. (She probably thinks he has long overstayed his welcome on Earth. ^^;) And oh, looks like I was wrong. It was Swan-san's 'emotion makes the impossible possible' that opened Tetsu's eyes back in episode 23.

41: Sen learns the hard way to not insult mock Jingi (alien of the week)'s secret technique of erasing people. Nice to see a little of Sen's past and why he wanted to become a cop. So would it be too much to hope for a little more on everyone else's past/backstory? I would want to see a little kid Umeko (and maybe Ban and Hoji, since even though they do have some history (that get shown), I don't think those come from the time they were little kids), for instance.

42: Red and Blue, stop that meteorite! (Part 1) (Is this like the official go ahead to ship these two? ^^ Not that I haven't thought about them being together since Day 1, surprisingly enough coming from me who usually only care for (canon) het.) And my wish about more backstory sort of comes true in the form of Hoji's younger sister.

43: Red and Blue, stop that meteorite! (Part 2) Oh, and ignore me above in #37. It seems almost all of Hoji's stories accomplishments get referenced back, after all, just when I thought the writers had forgotten. (Not the unbelievable love story, though; just what else happened off screen in that episode.) And Hoji must be relieved that Ban apparently hasn't heard his love confession.

44: I got (irrelevant) questions! Whatever happened to Hoji's gift to his sister? How did alien of the week know Hoji's identity without him being in uniform? And why Hoji reverted back to his SPD uniform when he wasn't wearing it at first? Tetsu sure disappeared quick for someone who was badly hurted (and lying still) when Boss was talking to AOTW. (Even more irrelevant than those: all I know of Vega and Altair, I learn from Toei toku. ^^;)

45: Great, we need a whole episode just for some alien's grudge fascination with a member of SPD. (And hey, can't even say it comes out of nowhere since it was planted like way back.) I did enjoy the episode, despite myself, but I don't see much point in it. (Somehow I ended up watching this episode twice. One minute I was planning to just screen cap a scene (yeah, the obvious one from the middle of the episode), next thing I know I sat through the whole thing. ^^;; And I still haven't managed to successfully take that screen cap either. :( )

46: Umeko's love story. And unlike the above, it comes out of nowhere.

I did guess the commercial break splash had to be Pink and Green this time around, and I suppose this is an official confirmation, again. Not (so far) seeing this pairing, but I'm happy for those who do. (Random, I thought the guy with Umeko was Sen at first, until I got a better look.) And I've finally noticed that Sen and Umeko were always patrolling together. (Well, it was episode 44 that first made me seriously note it. Wait, not quite. It was rather the one (29?) he remarked on her messed-up hair because she was afraid to look into mirror.)

Well, Sen and Umeko do have some meaningful interactions throughout the series, I admit; it's just that I'm not used to seeing them as anything but colleagues, I suppose. However, I think I'll come around eventually, given I almost always have a soft spot for a canon het.

47: I always thought it was weird that the number one deka was the one who joined last. Glad they (sort of) explained what happened to the original guy. It certainly explained Hoji's standoffish attitude toward Ban at first, too. (Not that Hoji wasn't usually unfriendly, but I thought he especially came down hard on Ban. Ban made mistakes and stuff, I know, but these people were supposed to be professional and cool; not letting emotion (positive or negative) ruling their actions.)

I've given up on using CM splash as confirmation of pairing because Hoji and Jasmine being together (romantically or otherwise) is not even a remote possibility for me (happy for those who can/do see them that way, though). Also, I really dislike that writers simply arbitrarily decide that characters have obstacle they have to overcome in one episode so they simply did, without much effort, making their struggle seem almost meaningless. It was one thing if this issue for Jasmine and Hoji, the revenge for the former DekaRed, has seeds somewhere, but in this case, I don't remember that there has even been a previous hint of an original DekaRed. Anyway, it was saying much about Hoji Jasmine combi that I liked Ban better in this episode than both of them combined, and that (me liking Ban) was even before the original Red took a liking to Ban and promoted him.

(Me totally thought Ban would do something reckless regarding the original DekaRed, and he did, just not in the way I expect.)

48: So it's a sort of continuation with the previous episode, so I'm guessing 4 episode finale. The preview totally mislead me about the events in this episode (this (misleading preview) is some kind of art form I suppose). AOTW is essentially a parasite. This is the first time (that I know of) the fireball/hot-headed/reckless character actually refers to himself that way. It's almost like he knows he is in fact a fireball and thinks being one is a special quality and/or something to be admired. ^^

49: I was thinking, why hadn't Agent Abrera invaded them, like, way before this, since this was hardly the first time all Dekarangers left the base? Turned out Agent A apparently had to prepare for the seize, when he mentioned getting information from escaped alienizer(s) (which my faulty memory wouldn't remember which episode(s)) about the Dekabase wall construction. Guess I can't fault him for wanting to cover all the loose ends, being extra careful. And I totally expected him to do what he did to the Dekarangers at the end of the episode, too. I only thought he would get to that a little bit earlier; in fact, before they got a chance to reach him. (Perhaps he thought they were already dead?)

50: I've said something similar somewhere above, but it's worth saying again: someone must have liked to see Ban run or climb or whatever fast without his Dekasuit, while hinging all the future/fate of the world (or at least his particular corner of it) on him.

That said, nice combi, everyone of the Dekarangers (even Tetsu, for holding things at bay). The main catalyste depends a little too much on circumstance/chance/dumb luck (what if Jasmine hasn't found D-Sword Vega?), but I think the rest is done well and not too rush nor too long. It is a satisfying finale, even though I realize way before with a series with no main villain group like Deka, I can't truly have a close ending. Evil Alienizers are still around and the Dekarangers still have to fight them to protect the peace of the universe (or at least Earth).

Magiranger VS Dekaranger: What happened to Deka characters' hair????? Only Hoji and Umeko keep their hair styles (well, maybe it's not exactly the same either for Umeko...) (And when I first saw Ban here (or rather his hair), I thought he was someone from another toku series. Man, I'm the only silly one who would ever make that connection...)

Yeah, I'm asking something similar to Umeko's question too, Ban. Does being in Fire Squad change you for the worse?

Color clashes. :) The main five from both teams do have same matching colors, but Magi mixed up the colors of the girl and guy, I think. They still manage the combi, though, even with the colors not matching. ^^

And the extra rangers get to do something I didn't see coming (well Tetsu didn't exactly catch me off guard, but Hikaru???).

Not sure where in timeline this VS takes place for Magi, but it is most likely after 30 (or whichever the one they got their legend forms) and before 33 since it is the big reveal (spoilers for that episode and after?), though I'm inclined to think it's AU for Magi. It's obviously a continuation for Deka, so that might explain the hair changes, somewhat (if they mention how much time has passed since the series end, I must have missed it).

And I even waited until after the VS movie, but where is my character development story for Umeko other than she and Sen are apparently dating now? Really, Umeko, you are the only one of the Deka that I don't even get a hint of your history. I would happily take anything (Hoji's stories are not exactly satisfying, but at least they are there), but since there is nothing, I might as well ask why Boss wanted you on the team, or why you wanted to join (I mean something more personal than wanting to fight for justice). Was it something related to your disguise specialty/ability (which I've seen way too little of in the series)? Knowing you, though, Boss probably let you in by your sheer force of personality. Yeah, I suppose Umeko is the only one of them who seems to be a relatively angst-free person and therefore might not need a personal reason to fight.

All in all, I'm glad I stayed with Deka until the end. Wanting to give up quite a few times actually (episodic, and no other things really holding my interest), but the characters all finally won me over (yes, even the one that gave me trouble before; I still think the actor can barely act, though). Not sure if it will ever be my favorite series, but I suppose/feel like I'll probably know this cast a bit better than most other since I've been with them for some time, compare to one or two other series which I just marathoned in a few days.

Haven't decided if I want to watch the other VS, since I know nothing of Abaranger (and don't know if it's available subbed). I was lost enough in Geki VS Bouken, being familiar with only one half of the cast and barely knowing the other half. I'll get to DekaRed VS Break later. And, that's about it, I guess? I mean, I don't know if I've missed anything else for Deka, like super sentai movie or something?

I like (almost) all characters, but I think I first warmed up to Umeko and Ban (not sure which first)--I kind of think they are similar in the way that they are usually not serious...but totally can be (sometimes even more so than those usually serious characters) when the situation call for it. (Dare I say they are fun-loving, irrelevant, have (childish?) traits that most likely get more serious people mad/annoyed/to shake head at them?) I think I especially enjoy the episode(s) where they get to do things together (not necessarily just by themselves), for instance 5, 9, maybe 18 and 31? But I don't think of them as a couple, except in some long forgotten fantasy. They both end up with other people in the end, which is only fitting; too similar people should just remain friends, imho. (But I still think Ban deserves better; I'll take Jasmine, or even (almost) any other one of his aliens in distress over the one he got.)

(Irrelevant, I often (which means out of only a few I've substantially seen) like Pink and Red combi, and not once inclined to ship them (because I find that they are similar, and one I can't even anyway). Boukenger might make me change my mind about that latter part, going by the VS I've seen alone, but since I haven't exactly watched the rest of the series, I'll reserve my opinion for now.) And Timeranger seems to be the exception to the rule I made (don't think they are similar--therefore I have no problem shipping them). Not that I have seen much since this is a series I still haven't really continued after first saw the first two subbed episodes years ago. (I'm determined to finish it this time around, good subs or no good subs.)

ETA: I found all of Abaranger episodes supposedly subbed, though I have no idea of the quality after looking at the first few minutes of the first episode, these are apparently fix-up HK subs. Going to watch it, partly out of curiosity and partly because I want to see most everything related to Dekaranger.
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