Nikki's Corner (sennetari) wrote,
Nikki's Corner

Boukenger, take two

Finished Boukenger. I would say it's mostly the characters (and the above average acting) that make this show at least enjoyable to me. And while I still can't decide what exactly I feel for this show (it's the only show that gives me this problem, so far), I'm happy that I (mostly) don't have to worry about avoiding spoilers anymore. (It's surprising how much I got spoiled, when I never deliberately looked into Boukenger threads. But I'm glad I remained ignorant of all the important plot point related stuff before watching those parts.) Other than that, I think I've found a few new favorite actors (Akashi's actor is one, despite what I might have thought of his character), and, despite still having plenty left to watch, will probably go check out their other works, most likely randomly because I (mostly) have no idea what kind of shows they've been in.
Tags: gogo sentai boukenger
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