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Writer's Block: What is your muse?

If you're trying to create something, like a story, a composition, or a design, etc., do you find yourself imagining how others will react to it? Does that impede or enhance the creative process?

For fiction (or any other creative endeavor), not really. I must admit I'm a very selfish writer. I write to please myself, mostly, and if others also happen to enjoy my creation, that's a bonus.

Now for blog posts, I do think about my audience, but not always. For me, posting is sometimes done in a heat of the moment when I feel like I just have to post, and then I live to regret it later. And when I realize I've forgotten about folks who might be reading my posts, that's when edit and delete buttons come in handy. It might make me seem like I can't stand by my opinions to be changing or deleting what I said, but I simply don't like to be unnecessarily inconsiderate.

On a whole, I'm not sure whether imagining the reactions of others help or hinder the creative process, but I do take some inspiration from others. I won't outright copy, of course, but sometimes I probably don't even realize that the idea I have doesn't originate with me. (It's a dream anyway to believe I could ever come up with anything first.) This is a problem onto itself, I think. I input so many things that I sometimes am not sure which belongs to me and which does not.
Tags: creative process, fan work, fanfic, inspiration, writer's block
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