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Monster as a pretty girl (and vice versa)

I noticed this a few weeks back when a few series I watched at the time all had this in one form or another. Though it's probably not of much interest to anyone else besides me. ^^;;

Anyway, I wonder if I am the only one who gets creeped out when a cute girl or pretty woman turns out to be a (not nice looking) male monster/alien/creature. This is only when the original form is an unattractive creature, and it takes a form of an attractive human (or appearing human) woman as a disguise for some necessary reason (to trick the hero(es), most likely), though. I don't really mind it much the other way around, when an attractive woman can, for some reason, transform into a monster/non-attractive creature.

And somehow, I don't remember 'monster as a girl' in genre other than sentai. (ETA: Sorry, actually there is that lady Bogal whom I'd completely forgotten (probably because she never did creep me out) from Mebius, which is not sentai, as far as I know. Thanks to jeff_morris for reminding me of her.) Girl as monster, however, I think I've seen before in other genres.
Tags: garo, kamen rider blade, tokusatsu, ultraman, ultraman mebius
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