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Dear Gmail,

Despite your effort to make your sign-in page looks like alien language, I'm not at all taken in (and calmly sign in without any worries), but it seems many people have been. (It probably helped that I saw the date on the Gmail blog right underneath, but I still think it would took me back at most three seconds without the date there.) Some of those people do have legitimate concerns about hacking and virus and stuff. So may I suggest you stick to printing out my e-mails and mailing them to me free of charge (which year I can't remember, but I was totally going to take you up on that offer ^^;;;) next time with your April Fools joke?


ETA: But I'm taken in by an April Fools post I just read. I think they did some variation of the same thing the year before too, but I'm not sure.

(Wow, haven't posted in ages and the first thing I thought to post about is Gmail? Traveling quite often in the past few months, so didn't really have a chance to write (nor be much online--slowly reading back posts) and now pretty much forget what I was going to say (did one post on an obscure manga elsewhere, but that's about it). Glad that I'm still kept by all, though. Thanks!)
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