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Ultra Galaxy: Never Ending Odyssey (eps 8-13)

So, finished NEO. And it is kind of embarrassing that I got through 26 episodes of Ultra Galaxy without realizing that Kumano...the 'Magician', is Mizorogi from Ultraman Nexus. It's safe to say that I don't think that these two characters have anything in common other than having the same actor...

Anyway, on with the rest of NEO:

(Spoilers, and I'm half guessing what's going on.)

Okay, after the grim events in the last 3-4 episodes, I guess they need a break. Yeah, perhaps it isn't a good idea to have a filler episode in a series with only 13 episodes, but this episode is just so hilarious to watch. Zara-whatever-seijin is doing such a bad job of being Haruna, yet no one suspects a thing. ^^;; There are other fun parts (not the least of which is the fake Ultraman), but I especially like the ending, where Rei gives Haruna her compact (well, I hope that's the right name for it), and asks her what type of weapon it is. She says something like it is a woman's weapon, maybe? And I just have to laugh at the face he makes (while saying he doesn't understand). I guess I just really enjoy seeing an alien being clueless about Earthling stuff. (And that's probably one of the reasons I like almost any series taking place among the humans where an alien is the main character.)

Episode 9 goes back to the storyline, and the mystery of Ultra Seven's eyeslugger, which is instrumental in returning Rei back to himself (NEO episodes 4,5). It seems Seven has taken on the Darkness Armor (I can't remember much from the first Mebius specials) to prevent something and is trapped. After a few unfortunate seijins fall victims to Armored Darkness, Rei manages to return Seven back to himself (using Seven's own eyeslugger). In return, Seven let Rei has Miculas (I don't remember how his name is supposed to be romanized) for use. I kind of wondered how much trouble that monster would give Rei at first, though. ^^;;

Episodes 10 and 11 wrap up Dairu's story, which I think is about time. Now, I don't much like Dairu's type of character, but he did do a lot to redeem himself, not the least of which was his long and passionate speech defending Rei to his superior. (And how refreshing that his actor actually plays someone with a conscience for once.)

Episodes 12 and 13 conclude the series. Gurande and Rei have their monster fight again. Rei wins, and simply leaves. I know Gurande just has to return to help Rei deals with Reiblood seijin, who dons the Darkness Armor (after unsuccessfully trying to convince Rei to join him, I think), even though Gurande denies doing that (I think he's saying that he only comes because it is fun/interesting). Rei smiles, probably partly because he used to do something similar (the 'don't misunderstand me, I only do my own thing' he always said in the early days). And perhaps Gurande likes Rei's sister (she only appears to him once that I recall) since he keeps talking about her (beautiful onee-san, but hey Gurande, I don't think that's her real face).

As Rei and the rest of ZAP escape from the planet, the Reiblood seijin (whom everyone thought was defeated) tries to take Rei back, but the two Ultras (Man and Seven) arrive to help. They fire their beams at the planet, destroying it, and presumably the Reiblood seijin. Seven calls back Miculas, which doesn't surprise me much, since I did suspect he probably only let Rei borrow the monster.

Oh well. I hope they can make it to Earth this time around. And I'm not even sure if Rei has ever gotten any of his old memory back or why he even lost it in the first place. Kate does tell him stuff (most of which I don't catch), but maybe she only says things that benefits her...

If there is a sequel out there other than the Ultra Galaxy movie (and its prequel, Ultraman Mebius Ghost Rebirth), I don't know of it.
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