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About voices

I just re-read a manga where the hero hid his identity behind a mask and a wig and his love interest realized it was him from his voice alone (and he spoke only one line or two then). (She kept it a secret so he was still clueless and thought she didn't know.) It makes me wonder why most tokusatsu heroes could get away with not being recognized while not really doing anything to disguise their voices, or, for that matter, their speech patterns (no, I don't think simply changing from 'ore' to 'watashi' really counts). (Ultras don't usually speak much, and when they do, they seem to be pretty selective as to whom they direct their voices to, so okay, they are unlikely to get caught out by their voices alone.)

A little related, I discovered, to my surprise, that I really really missed Mebius's voice when I first heard his voice in Ghost Rebirth. I suppose not watching Mebius the series for a while would do this to me. And I still think I would miss his voice/role as Mebius even if I've been watching other shows Igarashi is in. While other Ultras (those with no human hosts or forms, I think) might have gotten their voices changed (for whatever reason), I just can't (and don't want to) imagine anyone else voicing Mebius. (But that's just my personal feeling. Obviously Tsuburaya can do anything to their characters.)
Tags: secret identities, tokusatsu, ultraman mebius
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