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Ultraman Mebius Ghost Rebirth and Ultra Galaxy movie

As I might not have made very apparent, I finished Ghost Rebirth (or Reverse, though Rebirth seems to make more sense to me) and the movie. Don't have detailed thoughts right now, other than they are spectacular works. I am, however, a person who likes seeing more of connection. Things like how humans relate to each other, or simply little personal touches on a human level that seem to be presented in the previous two films (I just don't know how to explain this properly). So it was a bit disappointing that there was hardly any of such moments in this movie (but I knew that going in, since it's mostly about the Ultras and their conflicts) and (for obvious reasons) none in Ghost Rebirth (I didn't know that going in, since I managed to not spoil myself at all).

In any case, I do want both of these on DVDs (especially since the movie has English subtitles which, while are not exact, I guess I can understand why they were done that way), but that will have to wait a while until money is not so tight.
Tags: ultra galaxy movie, ultraman mebius
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