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Ultraman Mebius Master Post (kind of)

(last edited: 15 April 2013)

Assume spoilers for most of these entries... And assume spoilers (if any) in the comments to be beyond the episode(s) indicated on each entry.

DVD Reviews:

Episodes 25 - 28 (My first review ever on Mebius. I don't know, it seems a lot more formal than my recent posts (which are still rather formal...))
Episodes 29 - 32
Episodes 33 - 36
Episodes 37 - 40 (my attempt to do something a little different.)
Episodes 41 - 44
Episodes 45 - 47 (um, similar in format to 37 - 40)
Episodes 48 - 50

The followings are a smattering of individual episodes written (well, most of them) before the corresponding DVD ones. This list includes the posts where I have only a few sentences.

episode 2 (one sentence, but oh well)
episode 3 (part story/part review)
I actually planned to do more entries like this one (have episode one and two written in parts), but I don't think I manage to capture the characters' voices all that well.

episode 9 (just a few comments)
episodes 9 and 10 (and little of episode 8) (This is more of a reflection post than actual review. Mostly about Mebius vs. Tsurugi.)
episode 12 (first part of summary)
episode 12 (continuation of the above entry--so yes, I've finished it. :)
episode 13 (The cut says it has a slight spoiler for Ultraman Tiga episode 16)
episodes 14/15 (more like observations)
episode 16
episode 18
episode 19
episode 20
episodes 21-22
episodes 21-22 (Um...more like my fanfic ideas. The post doesn't make very clear that I don't believe the things (especially toward the end) I'm speculating on have any real basis in canon. I'm still a little bothered by the voice similarity, though.)
episodes 1, 21, 22 (Yet another post on these set of episodes. Inspired more by e-mails than my own thoughts.)

I never seemed to be able to write anything coherent on episode 23, hence it is skipped.

episode 24 (on one thing that sometimes bothers me)

No individual posts for episodes 25 to 37, though I did talk at least a little about each of them in the DVD sections above

episode 38 (The Isana Episode)
episode 39 (Amazing Mama Episode)
episode 40
episodes 41-42
episodes 43-44
episode 43
episode 44
episode 46

No individual posts for episodes 45, 47-50, but yeah, they can also be found up above in the DVD sections.

Apparently, I've never posted anything on episodes 4-7, 10, 11 and 17 (but it is possible that I've overlooked my own posts, because I think I might have talked about something from episodes 8 and 10. ETA: I did add that post in). Might get around to whipping up something when I do yet another re-watch of the series.

Movies & Specials:

Ultraman Mebius & Ultraman Brothers Movie (Nothing on plot details. Not sure if I still believe some of what I wrote (especially about the movie being low on plot) either, so maybe I might do a new review on it.)
It came out in theater just before episode 24 aired, so, timeline-wise, I would place it between episodes 23 and 24.

Armored Darkness Stage 1
Armored Darkness Stage 2
Sequel to the TV series. Watched without any subs so expect mistakes.

Super 8 Ultraman Brothers Movie
Super 8 Ultraman Brothers Movie (more of my thoughts on it)
Feels like an alternate universe to me, as far as Mebius goes. Not to mention I can't place where it should take place in Mebius TV series at all. (Except perhaps it is most likely after the first Mebius movie, since footages from there are referenced in this movie.)

Apparently, I never did review Hikari Saga (properly, that is. Probably scattered my opinions in bits and pieces elsewhere). For reference, the first saga is likely before the beginning of the TV series, the second one is between the end of episode 17 and the beginning of episode 18, and the third one is right before episode 35.

I still want to do some reviews on Ghost Rebirth, and Ultra Galaxy Movie, but well, I just can't seem to write anything. In the meantime, here are the downloads for Ghost Rebirth (I hadn't noticed before, but HK subs on the first part seems to be available), and the subbed movie (both not mine, I'm just linking), in case someone still needs them.

EDIT: Plenty of spoilers for Ultraman Nexus in the comments. (For Mebius too, to a lesser extent, I think.)
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