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Ultraman Nice Commercials

Being ill (not so much now) might (hopefully) explain why I can't make much head or tail of Ultraman Nice.

-- The family is a monster fighting team. There are grandfather, grandmother (Hayata and Fuji in original Ultraman, but I don't suppose they are those characters), father (Ultraman Nice), mother, son, and daughter (well not sure which one is older).

-- Selfishly (especially since he came first), I would prefer the son to have another name. (At least they use kanji to write the name of this Mirai.) But Tsuburaya might just like this name (even more than Jun). After all, I think there is another kid (most likely a girl) named Mirai somewhere, too.

-- On that note, I haven't caught anyone's else name.

-- Nice transforms by eating what looks like a choco(late) ball. I think one of the early episodes have him run out of it or it got replaced by something else. Either way he couldn't transform then.

-- It's a commercial. I think it probably aired during Ultraman Tiga broadcast (well, looks like a rerun rather than the original run).

-- On that note, you'll be sold to. But probably no more than those small segments at the end of some Ultra series. (Yeah, GUTS uniforms, GUTS vehicles, or whatever figures they were selling at the time.)

-- I think the kids have no idea that their father is Nice.

-- And that monster (that looks kind of like cupcake, but maybe that's just me) seems to keep coming back for 3-4 episodes straight.

-- Mirai seems to get into trouble a lot.

-- I like that Nice is so asymmetrical. His design, for one. Which is refreshing because I think most every other Ultra has symmetrical design. And the way he flies off (only raises his right arm).

Oh well, not sure if I've seen all of the series (commercials), since the last one I saw seemed to have a preview for Tiga episode 29, I think. Anyway, I got them from Ultrafanz site (seems like I've gotten quite a few things from there lately).
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