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Kamen Rider Decade Movie - All Riders Versus Dai Shocker

Ah, you know that pink kamen rider I was (and hey, still am) apparently a fan of? His movie confuses the heck out of me. I would blame it on never watching his series again after I finished it last fall (well, finished as in I saw everything that was available at that time), but I doubt I would have understood it much better even if I've been watching the episodes before watching this. And this is the Director's Cut version, so problems should exist even less than in the regular version.

If I had to try to kind of randomly and obliquely sum it up...

Riders Battle
Okay, I thought it was supposed to be Riders VS Dai Shocker. (Yeah, there seems to be some kind of an explanation later on, but, personally, it sounds more like an excuse to have Riders VS Riders...) The announcer's voice (driver voice?) is cool, though.

Hikari Studio
So, is this movie in the TV-series continuity? I think I know where it might be placed, but I don't understand how the gang could continue to react the same way to one character without some mind-washing/memory-erasing session involved.

Stately house/mansion/castle...
It's good that a sister is something I totally expected (yeah, ever since that certain world, for which I wrote kind of an episode fic).

That's way too obvious...but I guess I prefer the original one anyway.
ETA:Since I've now checked: this version was Marina's good alien from Mebius (which is the role I prefer more). I was like 99.9% sure of that before but would rather not put in possibly false information. (I'm not good at face recognitions...)

That Spoiler
Yeah, totally got spoiled. Thanks to someone just saying 'Is (someone) ........ (and some more details)?' clearly in the topic in that forum I should just not name. Still, can't say I'd been too upset about this particular spoiler since I kind of had an idea that it might be something like that.

Guy with one arm
Another non-surprise, in the way his role is used. And it's fine. I don't mind that it's someone I don't know there rather than someone I know (and who would that be? The sidekick is having his own problem, and the thief doesn't really seem like the type to bother...) because all that matters is someone does it so the plot (if it even exists) could move forward...

Well, color me no surprise here either. The guy sounds way too serious (in his hatred) to be hoaxing people.

His getting short-changed isn't anything new at all, unfair as that might be...

All Riders
Too forgiving? And I want better explanation of why they come back to life. It doesn't matter now how they get back...

The Sister
How old are you, still using your name to refer to yourself? And decide whether you hate your brother or love him...

Diend Driver (or however it is called)
Hey, I don't think I'd ever read any spoiler about it, but yet I'd already known about it before this movie, so this must be one aspect that is in the TV series continuity at least.

Amazon's trinket bracelet...
And this is another one in TV continuity, I suppose.

That half rider
While he's certainly useful, I don't really feel like he should be there (plot-wise). Also, I don't think the Joker side's voice sounds familiar... (And I'd blame that on never catching up with his series, but I don't like to think my hearing is that bad, yet.)

Human (original) Agito and Rx
Why are they back for less than 20 seconds (and that timeframe includes both of them)? Speaking for myself only, too short cameo isn't better than nothing (though I can kind of accept Black Rx having something to say, since he at least has interacted with Tsukasa in the TV series). And it seems kind of out of place since no other riders got human forms...

Huge Last Boss
I half thought they were going to call Ultraman to deal with it. Apparently I totally forgot about this guy (spoils an insignificant detail and might make as much sense as this post).

Um...given that I don't really know how to feel about this movie, I'm not sure if I want to go on to the third (and, for now (I think?), last) movie with Decade in it yet (but I'll get there one day--maybe try waiting for DC version). And not knowing how to feel might explain why I've been as clear as mud in this post...

EDIT at 20:53 PM: Yup, I succeed in linking this movie to Ultraman Mebius without even intending to at all...
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