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Ultraman Mebius Episode 12 summary (second half-END)

Since I sort of promised myself that I would finish episode 12 summary, I finally did, almost three years later. But, too lazy to type, I haven't exactly used all of my 11 pages of handwritten notes... (Next time I'll watch on computer and takes note on notepad, that is, if I can survive 4 hours at the computer without mosquitoes sucking my blood dry...which they almost succeeded today.)

So here goes the summary that picks up right from where I last left off, but more detailed and hopefully with less mistakes, story-wise.

Okay, after time begins to fritter away, Konomi has some sense to remind them that they should start looking for the Capsule, so they do. The granddaughter (whose name is Yuka and I'll probably call her that from now on) from before is selling her grandfather's treasures weird catches, saying that they are really cheap. Grandpa muses if it's okay to sell tsukumogami (according to the translation: things that have spirits living in them because their owners take good care of them), and Yuka replies that Ebisu-sama's gifts are linked to business (meaning that they can be sold, perhaps). I think she also adds that all the junks he's brought back up to the day before are flying off the shelves, and Grandpa protests about them being junk. At this point, Konomi tries to poke her head above the crowd in front of her to see the things Grandpa and Grandkid are selling. Yuka says she gives up on Grandpa (for insisting that the things he brought home are not junk).

Mirai and Teppei meet up with Toriyama near some kind of a stream (which explains where Mirai plucks his fish comment from, I suppose). They (well, only Teppei is shown to) tell him they can't find the Capsule. Mirai wonders if a fish could have swallowed it. Tori, seemingly highly agitated, asks Teppei what would happen in that case? Would the fish turn into "monster"? Teppei says rather matter-of-factly that the fish would simply digest it; after all, it has no immediate effect on living things. Tori is all too happy to let that be the case, since that is good in his book, so Mirai scolds him for being irresponsible.

Konomi chooses that inopportune time to arrive with bad news (which is not anything new since this episode has been one bad news after another--I guess I'm just amused that she actually implies that fact this time) in the form of a greenfrog on her hand, which she claims is supernatural (the frog, not her hand). Tori points at it and tells (ah, not so tame a word here, but Tori exaggerates everything...) her that it is just a piggy bank. Mirai asks what's wrong with it and Konomi says it moves and that it is called a "tsukumogami" (by the shopkeepers she bought(?) it from). Tori, still making that face that says why the hell you are wasting my time and trying my patience with nonsense, accuses Konomi of bringing battery-powered toy instead of finding the Capsule. Konomi argues that it doesn't use battery to move. It then jumps from Konomi's hand, I think, so Teppei runs after it and awkwardly catches it and opens it up. Viewers see the grotecell gas flying out. Teppei says Konomi is right that it's empty. Konomi says Teppei is letting the spirit out. Everyone then realizes that the frog has been powered by Grotecell.

They head to Yuka's house and enter without a by-your-leave. Yuka remembers Konomi (since, I think, she's at the shop earlier). Tori doesn't care for pleasanty and demands to know where the Capsule is (at least he describes it a little. Ah yes, the one with green liquid or something). Yuka calls her grandfather to deal with crazy people. Grandpa asks what's going on. Tori is apparently at the end of his limit and declares they are just going to search for the thing themselves. Konomi, mindful of her manners, says "excuse us" before starting to look for the Capsule. Yuka is understandably miffed and complains that they can't just come bursting into someone's house, but no one appears to pay her any mind at that point.

Well, Tori finally finds the thing, and Teppei and Mirai are happy for him, but then he's so excited he has to go and drop the thing, causing Teppei, Mirai, and Konomi to make...well...the 'no hope left for you' faces. Grotecell gas vaporizes out of the Capsule and enters Ebisu-sama. Teppei is stating the obvious that they are in deep trouble (he just says 'oh no!' or 'that's bad', but surely he means more than that). In the time other people appear to be paralyzed, Mirai has the presence of mind to grab Ebisu statue and runs outside. Grandpa is crying, "my Ebisu-sama!" Tori is still looking shocked with his mouth agape.

Mirai, seeing the signs that Ebisu about to become monster, throws it far away. Everyone else catches up with him and Tori is moaning pathetically. The grandpa is stating the obvious that Ebisu-sama has become huge! Tori cries, "that is terrible!"

Ryuu and George and Marina are coming to the scene in Gun Phoenix. Ryuu wonders what the hell is that (speaking of the blown-up Ebisu). The Ebisu monster attacks Gun Phoenix by firing some sort of fireball from the mouth of the fish he's carrying. Ryuu dogdes it and does the Gun Phoenix split thing. George makes what I thought a really weird comment about the enemy giving off an aura of success in business (how would he know that?) And Marina says she's surprised he knows that since he has been living overseas. (Okay, so I suppose that means George recognizes what and who Ebisu-sama is, that's all.)

While the GUYS in the sky have no success battling Ebisu-Monster (henceforth will be known as Ebisu-Mons, and not Ebi-Mons because that would make me think of a shrimp monster), Teppei drops more bad news, that it has become stronger than the original Kodaigon since it (Ebisu) has been absorbing too much Grotecell. I was a bit surprised that Mirai is still standing there watching, but then I can't really blame him. (Who would want to be Ebisu-Mons' punching bag?) And Konomi says if she remembers correctly, Grotes made Kodaigon, but after he was defeated, it (Kodaigon) got returned to normal, right? Mirai asks 'so this time?'. Everyone turns to look at Toriyama, who is sweating and asks they can't mean for him to die (since he created Ebisu-Mons)?

Meanwhile, Ebisu-Mons hooks Gun Loader. Ryuu (in Gun Winger) fires some shots to free Gun Loader. Mirai is now resigned to his fate and goes out of sight to transform. Doesn't Ryuu look happy to see Mebius? And Tori? He actually prays to 'Ultraman Mebius-sama' and then jumps back as the fish fireball lands in the water near him. And there viewers are treated to the sequence of Ebisu-Mons beating Mebius up and down. (Sorry sorry Mebi. I probably shouldn't, but I laugh too much at your predicaments: at being punched, stepped on, etc.) At one point, Ebisu-Mons is probably drunk on something and falls facedown, at which point the grandpa exclaims that please don't destroy his Ebisu-sama.

Tori seriously wonders if there isn't any way (short of him dying :P) to turn Ebisu-sama back to normal, and looks expectantly at Teppei. He obliges, saying that if they can make Grotecell turn back to (gas) vapor... (and what are you going to say after that, Teppei-kun?) Meanwhile, Mebius is still having a rather one-sided fight with Ebisu-Mons, who totally shows Mebi who is boss by flying toward him and knocking him down to the ground repeatedly. (May I be cheeky for a second here? His reaction is a bit slow. The fish fireball hits him in the chest already, but it takes him a few seconds to fall back from impact. Maybe it's an editing mistake, and if it is, this is certainly not the first time it happens..)

Just about when things couldn't get any worse, someone blue Ultraman Hikari kicks down from the sky on Ebisu-Mons. But this monster has a tough body so it doesn't fall down and merely stumbles forward a bit. And Ryuu is happy to see Hikari, too (probably even more so than seeing Mebius ^^;;) Tori, as usual, goes praying to 'Ultraman Hikari-sama' and jumps back when two fish fireballs strike in rapid succession in the water near him. He actually says 'scary' here. ^^;

Hikari seems to fare a bit better than Mebius (well, Mebi is helping him). But then Ebisu-Mons throws his fish at Hikari, and the devil fish is attacking Hikari while saying thanks for business (or maybe that was Ebisu-Mons? Like I would know who speaks here...) Just for equal opportunity, the fish jumps to Mebius, too.

And at last, Teppei completes his dangling thought and asks Grandpa whether the Ebisu statue has ever been damaged. Grandpa says yes, that it took a big fall once, so the right leg has since been cracked. Teppei is satisfied and shouts to Mebius and Hikari to attack the crack in Ebisu-Mons' right leg, to cause Grotecell to turn to vapor. (Apparently, it is the fish thanking them for business, after all, since I think I see its mouth moves after Mebius throws it back to Ebisu-Mons.) Which they do with their light beams. Grotecell gets turned to vapor and comes out of the crack in Ebisu-Mons' right leg, returning Ebisu-sama to a normal statue. Toriyama and co. comes running to check up on the statue. He picks it up and says thank goodness. The grandpa takes it from Tori and says "My Ebisu-sama!". And everyone else (Konomi, Yuka, and Teppei) looks on at them and smiles.

Back at Phoenix Nest, Ryuu thinks it was weird about what happened. He guesses that they probably have no idea now why that Ebisu statue got big, do they? Mirai, Teppei, and Konomi wisely stay quiet. George suggests that it might be an alien invasion? Konomi latches on to that idea and quickly says that is the case. Everyone else (in the know) nods agreement with her. Mirai asks Teppei in an aside what happened to Grotecell (presumably because, finally free from Ebisu-Mons, he didn't pay any attention to where Grotecell went--but then I didn't notice it either). Teppei says it seems to have vaporized without a trace. Marina catches on that they were gossiping (but it seems her hearing ability hasn't picked up the content of their conversation), and demands to know what Mirai and Teppei have been whispering about, to which they both stand stright and shake their heads like some pop-up dolls (this has to be seen because I can't properly describe).

Captain Sakomizu, in an attempt to lighten the mood, says it doesn't matter. That it's all right to have a thing or two they don't understand. And then he takes a jab at says to Toriyama, that he supposes it is inevitable that Tori's first errand ended in a failure. And, pretending to not notice Tori's gaping fish expression after dropping his innocent comment, Sako announces his intention to go buy some coffee beans (that's the extent of your worries here?). Konomi, Mirai, and Teppei then all realize that the captain has found them out, and say so together. Toriyama, still gaping, repeats that Sako found out.


Conclusion: watching the episode yourself is probably a lot more fun...
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