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Kamen Rider Double Episodes 13-14 (Spoilers)

I started out kind of hating episode 13 (probably because I was coming in from the excellent (the W part, at least) Movie War, so my expectation was higher than usual), but about halfway through it I got over that feeling. And I was really curious as to why Philip was so attached to Wakana (whereas Shou already got his eyes open to her true character). Perhaps what people had been speculating since episode 3 (or even before that) is true, that Philip is from Sonozaki family. He was most likely the little brother. (And if anyone already knows about this (or any other spoiler of what happens later on in the series), one way or another, please don't share it with me. I prefer to discover for myself.)

Speaking of episode 3, good of the show to include flashback, since I totally didn't recognize that girl from a sweet shop who got addicted to gambling. (And nice of Shou to make a snide* comment on her. I think she even heard him and totally didn't mind. :) However, no flashback for Mai-san from another sweet shop, but since she just appeared in episodes 9 and 10, I guess it's not long enough for viewers to forget her yet. Or at least I didn't. :)

(*Can't think of a better word, so. But then again, it seems to me that Shou usually talks that way about most everyone, and while he might have meant it, everyone of his victims probably knows to take it in good humor (or in Akiko's case, as an excuse to beat him up). ;)

Now, everyone knows Claydoll survived (after all, no hiding Wakana in the preview), but I guess I probably wanted more than her just being able to put herself back together easily like that. However, it is kind of neat that what Saeko said about Wakana being not easy to kill earlier in the episode has some significance, after all, and not just some throwaway comment.

By the end of 13, I had two suspects for Violence Dopant, but it came as some surprise that in a way I was right for both. (And please, that actress seemed to be rather comically overacting after she was caught, I was so disappointed. Wanted to be someone who pull strings? Be cooler that that excuse of a maniac. The manager was fine, though (or at least he didn't annoy me with his inability to act).)

I already knew Wakana wouldn't get to meet Philip face to face by the end of episode 14, but I kind of wonder how long they could keep hiding (physically, as well as their hearts) from each other...

So I guess I just meant to say I like this set of episodes, after all, despite its rocky start.

At this snail rate, it might take me more than a month to catch up, but I would rather take it at a comfortable rate and remember the episodes, than breeze through them in rapid succession (even though I kind of want to), and then having the various events/happenings all tangled up in my mind. I'm still pretty distinct on the first twelve episodes, even after many months, so watching slow must have helped.
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