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Kamen Rider Double Episodes 15-16 (Spoilers)

Oh wow, this set of Kamen Rider W episodes is so good. I feel I can do no justice to it.

Okay, what I said last time (speculation) appears to be true, after all. And that's good, since, for some reason, I like that kind of (non-surprising, imho) plot twist.

I kinda like the name "Raito", but I guess it's probably because I like the name "Mirai" which apparently uses the same "rai" (to come). It's a fitting name for him and if I was not so obviously clueless I would have known and not thinking it was the name of another character.

Ah, not that I much care for her (because she doesn't seem to have depth that I can see so far), but Saeko is a better manipulator. It's refreshing after what happened in the previous set of episodes. And, well, I sort of like her hair down better than her usual business-y hair.

So I guess I like Fang. I prefer that it can decide for itself what it wants to do, which is more than I can say for some human characters.

I'm really impressed that everything was just a setup to lure Shoutarou out. (I thought it was a simple case of convincing the guy to give up GaiaMemory, but it turned out to be a part of a bigger plan by Saeko.) I did think something didn't seem right, but only because this was only toward the end of episode 15, so the case couldn't end just yet. And, probably the same way Shou did, I even dismissed Philip's concern, that they should investigate more of why the guy was using Kamen Rider's name. I attributed that to Philip analyzing things too much.

Anyway, speaking of Philip, I wonder who exactly did input all the world's knowledge into his head. I think it's either Sonozaki family (in which case I wonder what they are, exactly, to be able to (technology-wise--I'm not very interested in their moral or lackthereof) do this kind of thing), or someone close to them at any rate.

And Shou, let Philip do the fainting. You totally suck at it. (Also, why had Akiko drag your too heavy body? Couldn't you, like, simply de-transform and walk your own body to where Philip is?) Oh well, I hope Shou learns to faint convincingly later on, since it appears they have to use Philip's body for Fang.

Er, I have no idea how Akiko (or Shou?) found out that the client was lying about working in a bank (her phrasing was suspicious? I got nothing). But I rather like the client for this case. Having her gave a not at all subtle clue to the still hesitant Philip was a very nice touch, even at the same time I was groaning at the transparency of it all.

Ah, continuity is good. Wakana was still pining for Philip. :) And her GaiaMemory was still with her father. But somehow I don't think I'd already seen the last of Claydoll.

Saeko didn't see Shou's face, did she? Because she seemed content to stalk watch from afar. But no matter, she already knew about Philip being Kamen Rider. It's only a matter of time before she connects everything else.

And if nothing else, I think these two episodes are worth watching for Philip at the very beginning and at the very end. But then again, I have my weird sense of humor...
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