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Kamen Rider Double Episodes 17-20 (Spoilers)

I wasn't planning to write about episodes 17-18 at all, because they left me too conflicted. But well, guess I can't really help it, after all.

Kamen Rider W 17-18:

I think I never even once mentioned Kirihiko. To me, he always seems like someone who is working toward an ideal, rather than being a completely evil person (unlike the rest of Sonozaki, with the possible exception of Wakana (but I've seen that long before this set of episodes, too)), so I have no problem with him at all. If he had been a bit creepy by hiding and spying, I couldn't really blame him, since it might be very difficult to completely trust Sonozaki family (like how he never mentioned knowing Kamen Rider's identity way back (since the set of episodes with Mai-san (and Akiko being really cool)), for instance).

And what Saeko did to him totally confirms to me that she has no depth whatsoever. I doubt anything could have improved her character for me at this point, but then maybe I'm not supposed to care for such an absolutely evil person, and I had been deluded to even try.

As I said above, I was (and still am) conflicted. I knew Kirihiko's end was definitely coming (someone idealistic like him would surely die for his cause--loving Fuuto, in his case), but I absolutely dislike how that eventually happened. Perhaps Kirihiko wasn't so naive as to think Saeko had truly loved him (if she ever had at all), but he seemed like he wanted to believe, to give her one more chance. I wanted to shout that she wasn't worth it at all and he should just take his sorry self away before she killed him, but I guess there was really no other possible ending for him. (Yes, I prefer he dropped dead there when he got knock out of his transformation for the last time, but him not wanting to trust Saeko anymore would be even worse.)

I don't currently have thoughts about the rest, other than it was so fast how the show got rid of one rider-like character and quickly introduced the next one in the same episode (still, technically this guy first appeared some time back, so it might not be too sudden, after all). Oh, and GaiaMemory is like drugs (and forbidden dopes for athlete), but I'm sure that is not originally my observation.

As intro episodes, 19 and 20 are pretty good, I think.

Kamen Rider W 19-20:

I admit, the new rider's name took me back for a few moment. I don't know why, really, since the same name in KR Den-O didn't. (Yeah, I often have unnecessary name association and if you are not familiar with the series that has the most entries in this journal, this will not make any sense at all (but perhaps it might not make sense anyway even if you do).) Ah, I think I'll stick to calling this guy Terui, the same way Shoutarou does. (But I did slip and sometimes used Ryuu, too, while thinking maybe I've gotten the wrong character...)

Wonder if Shroud is a good guy or a bad guy or neither. She (I think?) gives Accel to Terui, supposedly to help with his revenge on the person with the W Memory.

And speaking of that, I might not know what I'm talking about, but I don't think it is right for an officer who has a personal connection (well, personal grief) with the suspect to investigate the case(s) supposedly caused by that same suspect, since he would be driven more by his rage, his personal feeling for revenge, than his desire to make the city a safer place (but that's just an example since Terui says he hates Fuuto). Granted, it was more than likely that Terui didn't tell anyone he had a far too personal reason for getting involved, but surely the fact that his family was slaughtered in a circumstance not dissimilar to current cases was not a secret. (But then he seemed like he had transferred from somewhere else, so maybe the news hadn't yet reached Fuuto. Or this is just one naggling detail that I should leave alone.)

I was totally fooled, and believed the mother at the flower shop was the culprit. But I did notice that she didn't seem much like a bad guy (I suppose a mother who appeared to have a fond memory of visiting an amusement park with her child could not be bad), and simply lashed out since Shou and Akiko got into her space. I would assume she had never even once been a Dopant and simply covered for her son.

And that's another twist I didn't see coming. The son wasn't the person with the W Memory, therefore not a target of Terui's revenge.

I think Akiko commented something along the line of 'a kamen rider turned into a bike' (a line which I actually didn't remember in the episode itself and probably only in the recap part at the beginning of episode 20). And I kind of laughed at that. Obviously she never watched Kamen Rider Decade.

And kind of still related, Akiko called Terui "Ryuu-kun". Contradicting myself somewhere above, I don't really think of any other Ryuu when I hear that. (Probably because I've never heard the other Ryuu with -kun attached...)

I was pleased that Terui finally managed to keep his rage in check by himself (I was counting on it, actually, when he made some incomplete comment on Shoutarou earlier), even before knowing that the target of his revenge was elsewhere.

I think Accel's transformation is pretty cool and I very much like the way he says 'henshin' (since I really haven't heard anyone else ever says it his way).

Apparently, that huge sword Terui lugged around was heavy and powerful and Accel made him much stronger that he could swing it with ease. But then, while I'm quite sure he still carried it with him when he was Terui, I don't remember if he ever dragged the thing around again (as in, if he still made the ground part with it, not being able to lift it above the ground) when not transformed after he finally became Accel for the first time.

As for Terui being dismissive/not approving of Shoutarou? I'm not worried at all, since I'm more than certain that he'll eventually come around. After all, it seems to me that virtually everyone loves Shoutarou... (Though perhaps there might be as many a number of people (yes, fans and characters alike) who kind of get irritated with Shou (some of those might even be the very same people who love him).)
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