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Kamen Rider Double Episodes 27-28 (Spoilers)

(Skip episodes 25-26 because I can't seem to comment, other than 'oh, another Akiko centric arc, but I don't mind since I like what I've seen of her serious, caring side earlier in the series (and this arc is no exception). And while I'm not sure if knowing she has some depth helps in moving me far away from my first unfavorable impression of her, I'm glad nevertheless that I actually enjoy her presence in the show now.' Maybe I'll return to writing something a little more concrete for this arc when I get around to re-watch, but for now, I'm moving on.)

I think I should stop being surprised by now that every little action (that I might have dismissed as insignificant) in this show could (and usually does) have meaning.

What I mean is, Shou remarked on the fact that Terui was making a joke to Akiko (saying if he should start charging her money in response to her saying he was good for doing the work he did for them for free), and Philip theorized that it probably was because he (Terui) was getting more comfortable with them (Philip, Shou, and Akiko). When something has been pointed out like that, in this show it usually means something will be up about it. In this case, I should totally know that it probably means either Terui wouldn't be around to make jokes anymore, or he found W Memory's user (honestly didn't guess that (me not really paying attention to previews between arcs), hence the strikeout) does not feel like making jokes any longer.

To be honest I really didn't expect that W Memory guy would reveal his identity to the heroes just like that. But I guess he just couldn't help himself. Everything seemed like a game to him, and unlike some previous Dopants, Isaka seemed to fully know what he was doing.

...By the time the OP for 28 started, I was crying so hard. But I cry easily anyway, so maybe that was just me.

I like to think that Terui was finally ashamed to be surrounded by so many unselfish people who put other (still alive) people before themselves (either that, or he finally succumbed to Shoutarou's influences, after all). I'm counting at least four by the time he was in the house of Lily's Grandpa, and then five when Lily herself revealed her reason for wanting to be able to effectively use the invisible Memory. (Yeah, I admit I did think at first that her action seemed really shallow, especially when Terui summed it up in a way that left no doubt that he didn't think highly of her at all (close to an understatement of all time, I suppose), but after she seemed so desparate to get the Memory working properly, I was beginning to think that there must be a better reason than wanting to use that skill for herself (but I was still not thinking of Grandpa ::facepalms::))...

As for Philip wondering why Terror had helped them? I was also wondering the same thing (at the time it happened), but then it came to me that Saeko might have told him about Philip (had to be right around or after the Arm Dopant arc, but if she did, I honestly don't remember), or he figured out himself from his own spying. And whatever one could say about the head of Sonozaki family, he clearly wanted Philip back distracting Weather probably seemed like the best thing to do in that circumstance. (Ah, but come to think of it, W transformation was already undone, so Philip wasn't even there anymore, so I guess I'm back to square one on the reason.) Philip voicing that concern seemed rather unnecessary, though (especially since he didn't have (or if he did, he didn't share) any answer anyway), but what is obvious to me might not be for others, and vice versa.
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