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Why, yes, Ultraman Nexus is my favorite series.

Finally re-watched Ultraman Nexus, because I kept seeing a certain actress in other toku and not recognizing her was driving me nuts (seemed like she played against type). I came to the conclusion that she is not the cutest Nexus character, after all. Just that her love relationship is sweet.

Oh, yeah, other than that, some (probably not entirely objective) observations on the series in no particular order. No name is given because names probably mean nothing to those not watching, and if they are familiar with Nexus hopefully they can infer who are being referred to.

1. Many people can transform into some sort of humanoid looking giant aliens, and whether those aliens are good or bad depend mostly on those people. Last I count I get eight such people.

2. There is actually a specialized unit for erasing people's memories (yeah, spoiler, but I don't think this is the big mystery of the series, and it's revealed pretty early on). Maybe I'm naive, maybe I need to get out more, but I don't remember seeing that kind of thing in another toku. (Well, amnesiac characters don't count, if it doesn't turn out some memory erasing organaization is directly responsible for their not remembering.)

3. I'll probably beat this point to dead, because I think I bring it up far too often, but I feel that the main character (or rather his actor) really has a good voice for narrating. I could probably listen to his monologue for hours; that is, if I don't pay too much attention to the part(s) I don't like.

And as a special mention, the almost eternally happy youth (whom I think might have at least partly inspired another happy youth two series later whom I talk about far more on this journal) should have do voice-over more since I enjoy listening to his monologue, too. As well as the character who only gets spotlight in one episode, since I like the biting comments and the voice sounds appropriate for them.

4. For such a short series, it sure gets a lot of theme songs (five last I count). And I actually like that. In fact, I kind of miss having an ED in my Ultra series (yeah, the two latest series have at least one, but I've been watching the series right before them far more). And I'm glad it mostly avoids having the action continuing in the ED (only one such instance I recall, and it's not exactly a critical plot point conversation). In any case, I bought the three ED singles, and would have loved to buy the singles for the OPs, too (the band is rather amazing, despite the fact that I don't usually listen to their kind of music), whenever I have a chance.

5. Canon couples. Usually love relationships are never really spelled out all that obviously, but I think Nexus does that (or at least gives out no subtle hints). In fact, there are at least five couples I see, even if three of them only involve four people. (And maybe there are more I miss, since I'm not actively looking. Or, gasp, less since I'm looking into them far more than I should.) And while I'm not entirely against those three couples, I support the other two more.

6. I don't remember the last time an Ultraman host, along with the transformation device, is also given a weapon to use while in human form and a place (well, calling that thing a place might be a stretch, but...) to recuperate from battle wounds. But other than the transformation device, not everyone takes adventage of the rest...

7. And that transformation device? Is probably the only thing I can't take seriously in this show.

8. Direct movie tie-in, and while the movie is essentially spoiled in the series (in the form of footages and at least one returning character), that made me curious enough to check out the movie anyway. (Not that I would avoid watching the movie completely, but I was more used to not so depressing Ultra movies.) And, given the point above, I'm kind of glad that the movie doesn't use any transformation device...

There might be more, but that's all I can think of at this point.

ETA: I've given up trying to keep Ultraman Mebius spoilers hidden in the comments, so I apologize for the inconvenience.
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