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This week's Toei toku (12 September)

Well, I've been watching Goseiger and enjoying it a lot. But this is the first time I've completely caught up, so here are a few comments on the current episode.

Epic 30 - Romantic Eri

Ah, a monster eating people's dreams/hopes/desires isn't exactly unique, but I guess I don't mind. And this must be something I miss because I watched raw, but I kind of thought romantic would mean something more about love, not simply wanting to eat pudding or something. But maybe that's a type of love--love of homemade pudding (and/or mother's love in making the pudding--but I'm sure I'm thinking too much (and in the wrong direction) for this one). And awww, GoseiKnight might not have any use for dreams, but Eri is thinking of him anyway. :) (At the same time, I'm kind of sad that GK keeps saying he can't/won't do whatever optimistic/happy things Alata suggests...)

Maybe it's just me, but I feel like this monster is rapping out his lines...

Just randomly off-tangent, I wonder why Agri still gets cheated out of having English adjectives with his name in episode titles. (And I think he only has one episode with his name in the title thus far.) Maybe it's because his name is already English? (Agri most likely got his name from the 'agri' in agriculture. I assume the other Goseigers probably also have names relating to relevant elements, but I can't really tell.) But then Hyde has English name, too. (I guess Magical Hyde is special, after all.)

And since I've already watched Kamen Rider OOO (subs are fast), here are a few thoughts on episode 2.

For some reason, the thought that the policeman was already dead wasn't in my head at all (and I was kind of surprised to read that more than few people seemed to have thought that as of episode 1). Well, turned out the policeman was alive (or not, maybe Ankh lied for his own end, but I think not, since he seemed kind of straightforward; flattering up Eiji in the last episode was probably the extent of his deception), but apparently not going to survive without Ankh.

So this Kogami organization is totally human, since Ankh appears to know nothing about it, and if it's not totally human, it is not Greeed, probably. (And will the guy from this org who is sent to give OOO his new toys eventually be another rider, I wonder?)

I thought Eiji was too laid back and let Ankh push (actually pull) him around too much, but I have to admire that whole running up the building sequence. Even when he is in the danger of falling to his death (so, yeah, I'm with Ankh that Eiji is an idiot), Eiji sticks to his noble stance and manages to extract a promise from Ankh to let him transform whenever he wants (to save human lives). (Ah, this scene just has to be seen. The way I try to describe it lessens its impact.) I think I might have warmed up to Eiji a little now.

Oh well. Maybe it was in the preview and I just forgot (preview = spoilers to me, so I kind of prefer to not remember them), but I thought they were going to wait a bit for the eventual reunion of brother and sister, especially since Eiji just fired off that charming lie to her. Even ignoring the preview (which isn't that enlightening to me anyway), I'm quite sure nothing will come out of that meeting (as in, Hina will still remain as clueless as ever about the fate of her brother).
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