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Ultraman Mebius Episodes 41 - 42 Reviews (Spoilers)

While I wrote reviews for episodes 41 and 42 before, they were so short so, since I just watched those two episodes, I think I'll add longer comments.

Ultraman Mebius Episode 41:

The more I watch this episode, I think I appreciate it more and more. I really want to watch Ultraman 80 now, not the least of which because I'm sure I would then be able to catch a lot more references/nods to that series in this episode.

Awww, Mirai is so conflicted with being a middle person. (And I couldn't help laughing that the other GUYS members make those faces that say they have absolutely no idea what he means when he says that.) On one hand, he most likely feels like he can't destroy the hope of those people he meets at the school 80 used to teach. On the other hand, it probably doesn't seem right to him to not pass on 80's message. Sakomizu, again, gives Mirai some counsels. That Mirai doesn't have to concern himself about this matter, presumably since it's about 80 and his students. Sakomizu then proceeds to essentially say that humans are annoying (watched non-English subs this time, so either 'annoying' or a closer English equivalent of 'mendokusai,' which is what I heard) because they have many emotions (laughters, tears, etc.) and those will become memories later on. However, when memories fade and become nothing, it's just painful for them (the humans). Anyway, not sure if I understand or even paraphrase this correctly, but it sounds like one of those infinite cool wisdoms from Sakomizu.

Konomi has the same idea I had back when I first watched, that the school is sad about being closed down, so it sends out a monster. Turns out it's a bit more bittersweet than that. Since this is the last time the school will be around, it sends out a minus-energy monster to bring Ultraman 80 to his students. And I must say I really feel 80 touching the lives of his students--they seem like they've genuinely missed him. I can almost believe that these people really used to have class together back in 1980. (And make me wonder, since I never get it confirmed, if these actors are the same as the ones playing the students back in Ultraman 80.) In any case, I'm really into their reunion since it looks so natural, so real. (Yes, most likely it's probably just they are all good actors, or the episode has a good director; I'm satisfied with the illusion nevertheless.)

I'm glad Mirai doesn't get a chance to tell the truth to the students that their teacher Yamato cannot come (almost seems like the monster chooses the exact moment to appear to foil Mirai). Yamato admitting that his students are teaching him something is a great moment. To tell the truth, I really wish I hadn't been spoiled about Yamato's appearance in this episode, because the first time I saw this episode I honestly could not be certain if he would actually relent and go to his students. But then I suppose I should have more faith in Ultra series. I shouldn't doubt that the students' hearts will come through in the end. And while Yamato says he always think of his students, I think that pretty song they sing for him finally makes him admit that he could not leave without meeting them (to give his apology in person, as he says, but both him and the students seem to get a lot more out of the reunion).

Ultraman Mebius Episode 42:

Wow, I know they are not very professional, but GUYS are just way too relaxed. ;) Then again, if they have more discipline and keep their workspace clean and orderly, there wouldn't be hilarious sequences of them trying to impress the Head General (ah, not sure of the name of his rank in English) Takenaka by hiding all the stuff that shouldn't be there in sight in Direction Room. (Lim foils that plan, though. But Takenaka is cool and simply hands Lim off to Toriyama.)

Mirai remembers that eavesdropping is totally bad. :) And I'm a bit surprised (or perhaps I should not be, considering Marina's character) that Marina seems like she would humor Ryuu if she could actually listen in on Sakomizu's conversation with Takenaka.

I have to make this comment every time I see this episode, but why oh why does Mirai seem as surprised as everyone else does when Takenaka refers to Sakomizu as "Sakocchi"? After all, he's already heard that usage from Aya back in the movie. (Granted, maybe they try to keep movie non-canon, but then Aya shows up next episode, so I got nothing.)

Why does Takenaka stare at Mirai the longest? It doesn't seem like he knows or notices anything unusual (at least in the supernatural sense) about Mirai. (Or maybe, given the next episode, he's just paranoid, since Aya has probably told him about meeting Mirai.)

And I hadn't really made connection between the frequent showings of a turtle with the Urashima effect until I'd seen this episode more than a few times. (A character named 'Ura' in Kamen Rider Den-O is essentially a turtle.) I find it neat that Sakomizu says he almost felt like Urashima Taro when one year in space for him equaled to 5-10 years on Earth.

It's interesting that Sakomizu seems to imply that Ultras protect humans almost in secret, in space, when humans aren't looking, where humans are ignorant of threats. And so, when he returned from space, he wants to respond to their (the Ultras') hearts by being here and fighting along side the Ultras. Again, totally not sure if I understand completely, but it's a great moment, the silent understanding Sakomizu had with Zoffy.

Oh, Toriyama. When will he stop (on his own) putting down GUYS? That said, I cheer when Takenaka totally disagrees with Toriyama and says the team are great in flying combats, considering that they have been active for less than one year. (And what, doing a 180 and changing your tune when you hear that? Not cool, Toriyama.)

I've never really liked Red King, but after watching Ultra Galaxy, I cannot look at Gomora as an enemy to be defeated ever again. It's good for me then that the monster in this episode doesn't appear to actually be Gomora...
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