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Keeping track of how Mebius characters refer to one another:

I'm far from being the first person to attempt something like this, but I want to try anyway...

Table of who addresses whom by what:

Mirai Ryuu Marina George Konomi Teppei Sakomizu Misaki
Mirai Boku Ryuu-san Marina-san George-san Konomi-san Teppei-san Captain Sakomizu  Misaki-san
Ryuu Mirai Ore Marina George Konomi Teppei Captain Sakomizu* Misaki-san
Marina Mirai-kun Ryuu Watashi (I think?)** George Konomi-chan Teppei-kun Captain Sakomizu Misaki-san
George Mirai Ryuu Marina Ore Konomi Teppei Captain Sakomizu Misaki-san
Konomi Mirai-kun Ryuu-san Marina-san George-san Atashi (I think?)*** Teppei-san Captain Sakomizu Misaki-san
Teppei Mirai-kun Ryuu-san Marina-san George-san Konomi-san (-chan)**** Boku Captain Sakomizu Misaki-san
Sakomizu Mirai Ryuu Marina George Konomi (-chan)*****  Teppei Watashi****** Misaki-san
Misaki******* Hibino-kun  Aihara-kun George-kun Captain Sakomizu Watashi

My notes:

*From the end of episode 17 on. Before that, he used 'Sakomizu-san', but thankfully I think I can count on one hand the instances that he did.

**I'm really blanking on how Marina refers to herself. To me, either she doesn't seem to use first person pronoun a lot or I'm just not catching it.

***I'm almost reasonably sure that Konomi uses 'atashi', but it could be that I never really hear the 'wa' part.

****He called her 'Konomi-chan' quite a few times in episode 9 (the one time they were working in the field instead of back in Direction Room), but I don't think he ever used '-chan' for her again.

*****His use of '-chan' for Konomi doesn't seem to be quite a one-time deal, but I'm not really sure if that happens in more than a few episodes either.

******'Ore' once or twice, particularly from the episode I last wrote about (42).

*******I don't think Misaki has ever individually referred to Marina, Konomi, or Teppei in the show. And her pattern doesn't seem to be very consistent, because she uses 'George-kun' but turns around and uses last names for Mirai, Ryuu, and Sakomizu (and I've heard 'Sakomizu-san' from her at least once)... In any case, if I have to guess, she would probably use 'Kuze-kun' for Teppei, 'Kazama-san' for Marina, and 'Amagai-san' for Konomi. (And if Misaki were a guy, I get a feeling (which might be wrong) that Marina and Konomi would probably have been 'Kazama-kun' and 'Amagai-kun' respectively. Which kind of amuses me since Kazama-kun reminds me of another tokusatsu character from 2006 (Kamen Rider Drake).)

Would be fun to include Asami's names for GUYS, but I don't think I've managed to catch everything in Japanese (only Fushigi-chan and Usagi-chan; oh, also Sako-chan and Yuki). Also, it's probably less work to just keep the table for the characters who appear regularly in the show.

Hopefully I haven't made a mistake (at least, not a glaring one ^^;), but then again, can't always trust my hearing...
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