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Voice actors in tokusatsu shows I watch

Well, not really feel like I can make specific comments on the episodes themselves, so I want to talk about the voice actors instead. Assume (hopefully not very specific) spoilers for the series in tags under the cut.

I like recognizing voices across mediums. Still, I'm kind of ashamed to say that I didn't exactly recognize any of the voices (in two cases I thought the voices were vaguely familiar so read the credits, and one I found out only after I read up on discussions of the series). I'm happy, since I don't watch much anime (and therefore not really familiar with voice actors), to find three anime voice actors I kind of know in the two weekly shows I currently watch.

Not really going to list the names since they could be spoilers if anyone is not up to date with OOO and/or Goseiger. As for the anime series I know these voice actors from, well, they are more obscure than not, but among them is one (very?) well-known anime I started watching because I once or twice saw it got compared to toku and I (usually) love blue hair (me is shallow ;P). (Ironically, it's the only one I still haven't finished (stalled at about halfway through), but with the voice actors now showing up in toku (and surprisingly even interacting, reminding me of their anime counterparts a bit), I might go back to it.)

I know I should be grateful that I get their (the voice actors') voices at all, but I also prefer that they also portray their human counterparts, if applicable. (I guess it's like if Mirai has one voice, and Mebius has another voice... But come to think of it, that actually should have been the case, since Mebius should really have a different voice from Mirai, a form he simply cloned off a human. However, contrary as I am, if they actually do different voices for him, I would not like the different voices at all.) It's not even like I'm especially fond of these voice actors or anything (I do like their voices, but I'm not very hard to please). In fact, I don't even know if most voice actors (or at least the ones in the toku shows I watch) have experiences acting for live TV (the Shinkenger ones turn out fine, I think; it probably helps that their scenes are short...).

Anyway, in the case of OOO, I can't help wondering if the school girl role was not the original plan since if they simply have someone older for the role, it would be confirmed for sure (at least to me) that the voice actor isn't available to also portray a live role for some reason or other. I know I should not even be speculating (since I could not even do anything about it anyway), but I guess I'm just disappointed (and got spoiled, since I was behind at that point, but I admit it was kind of my fault to look).

So, to sum it up, I like having (hearing) anime voice actors (from anime I'm at least familiar with) doing voices for tokusatsu shows. However, I guess I just like clinging to familiarity. For one single character (not possessed nor having split personalities or something I haven't thought of), when the voices across the different forms don't match, it is a little jarring to me and more often than not leads me to believe that the human form and the non-human form are two separate characters (unless the human form actor is very very good and/or the suit actor for the non-human form is very very good and/or the voice actor for the non-human form is very very good)...
Tags: anime, kamen rider ooo, samurai sentai shinkenger, tensou sentai goseiger, ultraman mebius
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