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My current obsession and a few other things

(So tired yesterday--woke up at the crack of dawn (literally - it was still dark out), and left to various places and in between did the house chores. Not making it back to my room until almost 9 PM so I just went to sleep after a quick bath.)

I have a difficulty talking about (a somewhat obscure) series I'm very obsessed with. Because I'm afraid I'm the only one excited (that's not the only reason, but it's the main one). But, well, I think perhaps I might try to change that a little (getting inspired by the main character from that very series, no less; though it's probably weird taking advice from a fictional character...).

As a test of that resolve, I admit I've started writing an Otomen fic, which has already stalled (what?). I think I try to write the characters to fit the situations, which makes them out of character. Maybe I should stick to just one point of view (Juuta's) to keep things more mysterious and uncertain...

Still haven't posted that entry (about why I write what I write (fic-wise)). Not sure if I still want to look over it more or simply don't post it, since it would be such a 'me me me' entry (not that I let it stop me before...)

Just read Otomen volume 10 and it is so much better when I understand all the words. Tounomine (a.k.a. tsun-sama) has a totally cool line there, which surprises me a bit (because all he usually says to Asuka is either 'you are my natural enemy, Masamune!' or 'I'll definitely win next time!'). It's during the O-tan storyline, though I don't think he said that in the drama version.

Oh, one episode of Hetalia, and I'm like ??? so far (America speaks too fast). Hopefully the series lives up to my expectation (which probably is unfairly high)...

Still haven't seen the last few episodes of Gosei (I don't want it to end, perhaps?). And I haven't gotten started on the newest sentai because I prefer to finish off the previous series first.

I'm more than a few episodes behind on OOO as well. Maybe I don't have to watch this series as a set of two, but I prefer it (so I'm not stuck in the middle of cliffhangers), so during the wait perhaps I got distracted with something else (excuse, excuse ^^;).

(Tags are deceptive, by the way, because other than Otomen, they are mostly one-line references.)
Tags: anime, drama, fic, hetalia, kamen rider ooo, manga, real life, series: otomen, tensou sentai goseiger, tokusatsu
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