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[Anime] Kampfer episode 14

::Sighs:: I certainly didn't expect much from the new Kampfer anime, so I suppose the only episode* I've seen (one month after it aired) does not disappoint me. Still, I'm not even sure what's the point of it other than having Shizuku continue to do the same thing she has been doing to Natsuru, Akane still be an innocent (in both forms, actually), and Sakura surrounded by her lesbian harem and not interacting with anyone else in the main cast, and Mikoto making curry (can't she cook anything else?), and generally a lot of cleavages shown (yeah, fan service, although I'm not really the target audience for this type of thing). And I'm in a picking fault mood, probably, but I don't remember male Natsuru's voice being this high pitched...

*(There are two episodes in the new series but only the latter episode had been aired.)

Anyway, despite the above, I'm not demanding my 20+ minutes back or anything. I actually had forgotten how very nice the character designs look. And it's kind of nostalgic seeing the characters again, even the ones I'm not so fond of. The OP and ED are also nice--in fact, I think even better than the ones from the original series. Oh well, hopefully the unaired episode will explain some of the stuff I'm apparently missing...

In short, I have had mixed feelings (which seem to be more apathetic than outright hate) toward Kampfer for a while now, and this episode doesn't change anything. I think only someone who is already a fan of the original series would enjoy this episode, since it's basically more of the same.

I want the next entry to be happier, so I'm just going to pretend I didn't post this...
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